April 2024

Top used cars for less than £10,000
In a blizzard of market complexity and huge choice, we offer a guide to the best, most reliable used deals

March 2024

The most iconic car ever made by every major car-maker
It could describe a car which encapsulates the history and ethos of its maker, or an outstanding model with no relation to anything else wearing the same badge.

February 2024

How Renault’s Lego gearbox changed the hybrid game
Nicolas Fremau built a Lego model at Christmas – then Renault scaled it up into the radical E-Tech Hybrid system

January 2024

Top 10 best electric cars 2024
These are the best electric cars in the world, according to Autocar, each with its own specialised subject

December 2023

What is the most comfortable car on sale?
We take to the road in five of the industry’s smoothest operators to find out if ride comfort has regressed as a priority

November 2023

How Tata’s £4 billion UK battery factory will reshape Somerset
Less than a mile from the M5 near Bridgwater in Somerset, another piece of the UK’s electric car industry is being prepared.

October 2023

Vehicle sharing ‘more key’ than EV adoption in climate battle
British automotive tech firm Coastr claims that just 6% of the world’s 2.4 billion cars are fully utilised

September 2023

Nissan to stop selling combustion cars in Europe from 2030
The Japanese company’s surprise announcement comes just five days after the UK government ripped up its 2030 ICE car ban by pushing back the date to 2035.

August 2023

UK’s electrified car production at end of July doubles 2022 levels
The combined volume of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery-electric vehicles produced increased by 73.9%

July 2023

10 cheapest cars to insure in 2023
From Hyundai to Volkswagen, here’s Autocar’s guide to the most affordable new cars to insure in the UK

June 2023

Under the skin: Why cars will become more like smartphones
Cars have been relying on specialised computers since the late 1970s, although they’re more commonly referred to as ‘ECUs’ (electronic control units). Essentially, though, that’s what they are: boxes of computer hardware running computer code to make things happen.

May 2023

Road safety firm calls for mandatory eye tests for older drivers
A road safety organisation backed by the police has criticised current eye test requirements for drivers and called for mandatory eye testing once they turn 70 and every three years thereafter. 

April 2023

Genesis trialling wireless EV charging to do away with cables
New tech project uses magnetic field to top up car battery and “improve customers’ EV charging experience”

March 2023

Top 10 best estate cars 2023
Our list of the very best load-lugging wagons you can buy today, with something to suit all budgets

February 2023

Jaguar Land Rover to test autonomous cars at three new sites
Jaguar Land Rover has expanded its efforts to develop autonomous driving technologies for future models, opening three new research centres in Bologna, Madrid and Munich.

January 2023

Mazda MX-5 “will never die” as sports car market transforms
The Mazda MX-5 “will never die” but the Japanese company has yet to commit to the technical make-up of the next-generation version.

December 2022

Best Extreme Snow Cars
Heavy snow is very rarely a problem for drivers in the UK, but when there’s significant snowfall, transport disruption almost always follows, and when your travel is essential it’s handy to have a vehicle that’s up to the task.

November 2022

Drivers are now keeping cars longer due to cost-of-living-crisis
Almost a third of motorists are now planning on keeping their current vehicle for longer due to the cost-of-living crisis, new research has suggested.

October 2022

Gaze in wonder at this perfectly restored Ferrari

Three years. That’s the length of most university degrees. It’s the length of a full term for Australian Prime Ministers – assuming they ever make it that long. It’s also longer than most prison sentences. It’s also how long it took to restore this Ferrari 330 GTC.

September 2022

Queen Elizabeth II: A life in Land Rovers
Throughout her life, the Queen was pictured behind the wheel of a Land Rover. So special were the cars to the royals, a bespoke one even carried Prince Philip’s coffin when he died.

August 2022

The sometimes-strange places BMW engines have ended up
It’s little wonder, then, that so many car manufacturers have called on Munich to power their new models. And, if we’ve done our job right, there’ll be at least one here that you’ve never heard of.

July 2022

Did you get yours? The very last Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ has been delivered
Earlier this month we brought you news of Bugatti Chiron production winding down in a flurry of gold bling, now the 300mph-conquering Super Sport 300+ is doing the same in an abundance of exposed carbon fibre.

June 2022

Peugeot shows off dramatic new 408
Slated to appear in Peugeot dealerships in early 2023, the new 408 mates fastback and SUV styling with hatchback practicality, much like the recently launched Citroen C5 X.

May 2022

Great Scott, the DeLorean is back! Meet the 188mph Alpha5
Well, if you’re going to resurrect an icon from the silver screen, why not do it with a massive battery and huge speed. Welcome one and all, to the DMC Alpha5.

April 2022

Record number of 100-year-old drivers
There are more than 133,000 drivers aged 90 or over in the UK, according to data analysed by car leasing comparison website LeaseLoco, while the number of drivers over the age of 100 has also reached a new high.

March 2022

The best British cars ever made
It’s been seven years since we last updated this list – our choice of the UK’s greatest cars ever. Which cars launched since then have made the cut?

February 2022

The worlds most influential cars
These are the cars that truly changed the direction of the motor industry, one model at a time.

January 2022

This BMW-engined flying car is now officially certified to fly
The future has finally arrived! This time next year, we’ll all be driving flying cars and we’ll have to change our name to Maverick. Oh no wait, that one might already be taken.

December 2021

Christmas: Car wrapped in 2,000 lights to tour England
Nicholas Martin, 32, from Bracknell, Berkshire, will travel in the Mini in a bid to raise £50,000 for the MS Trust, Duchenne UK and Alzheimer’s Society.

November 2021

Bangers4Ben Danger Mouse replica sells for highest price of £4,200
Emerald House of Cars’ Danger Mouse replica has become the most expensive vehicle to sell from this years’ Bangers4Ben race.

October 2021

Prince Charles’ Aston Martin DB6 runs on wine and cheese
Prince Charles has owned his Aston Martin DB6 Volante since 1970 and has once more reiterated that it runs not on regular unleaded, but instead on bioethanol produced from supply waste.

September 2021

E10 petrol: What is it and can my car run on it?
A more eco-friendly petrol is being introduced to filling stations. The government intends to make E10 the new standard petrol grade. The change is being made to cut carbon dioxide emissions, the Department for Transport (DfT) says – but not all cars will be able to run on it.

August 2021

Six of the best! Survey reveals used cars with 100 per cent reliability rating among drivers
A record six models scored a perfect 100 per cent in this year’s reliability survey by What Car?. Feedback from 16,328 drivers was analysed to discover which of 178 models and 30 brands were the UK’s most dependable used cars.

July 2021

“Unprecedented summer” expected on UK roads

This summer will see unprecedented levels of traffic on UK roads due to drivers planning in excess of an estimated 29m staycations – 16m of these in the school holidays alone – according to a new study of 2,500 drivers conducted by RAC Breakdown.

June 2021

Drivers reveal which car maintenance tasks they (think they) can do

The UK asks Google for car-related advice more than any other English-speaking country, including Ireland, Australia and the US, with the most-searched for questions relating to which kind of oil your car needs.

May 2021

Footage shows driver on phone narrowly avoid hitting police in HGV ‘supercab’
Veering on to the hard shoulder and back again, narrowly avoiding a collision with another HGV, the driver caught in the footage was using his mobile phone at the wheel.

April 2021

Best and worst manufacturers for passing MOT tests revealed
What Car? analysed 750,000 anonymised MOT records published by the Department for Transport in order to find out the models that had the best rate of passing the MOT test on the first occasion. Cars aged from three to eight years old and with a sample size of at least 100 vehicles were included in the survey. 

March 2021

GET A VROOM! Brits love affair with cars is stronger than ever during Covid lockdown, survey says
More than eight in 10 motorists (83 per cent) admitted they have always had a love for driving and more than a third (34 per cent) reckon that love has “grown with age”.

February 2021

New Union Jack design for number plates and driving licences and Brits won’t need driving permits for travel in EU
UK number plates and driving licences have been given a post-Brexit makeover and Brits won’t need International Driving Permits to drive abroad, the Department of Transport has announced.

January 2021

Leaving snow or ice blocking your number plate could land you a £1,000 fine
It’s not just your windscreen and roof that needs clearing after a dump of snow – leaving your number plate obscured can land you in hot water

December 2020

How leaving snow on your car roof can land you THREE penalty points on your driving licence and a £60 fine.
IT’S a little known law but drivers can actually get fined for having snow on their cars – not just from the windscreen. Even if the snow doesn’t affect your vision, having snow on the roof of your car, or anywhere else for that matter, could land you with three points and a £60 fine.

November 2020

Half of UK motorists putting off essential servicing
Under the shadow of COVID-19, 48% of drivers have put off essential servicing or car maintenance during 2020, a study has found. The study from found that 17% are driving with at least one service light or warning light, with 64% in no hurry to get their car looked at, citing under-use.

October 2020

Keyless car owners urged to keep fobs in metal bags after 250 per cent rise in thefts in London
Insurers want owners of keyless cars to keep the fobs in metal bags after a spike in thefts. Claims have increased by 20 per cent in each of the last four years, with London seeing the biggest increase, rising over 250 per cent since 2016.

September 2020

Motorway speed limit to be cut to 60mph in four areas in drive to cut pollution
An upcoming trial, run by Highways England, will reduce the speed limit in four areas in a bid to improve roadside air quality and reduce levels of nitrogen dioxide.

August 2020

Rabbit pulled from behind dashboard after customer reported ‘funny noise’
An independent garage in North Wales has rescued a rabbit from behind the dashboard of a customer’s car after the owner complained of strange noises coming from behind the glove box.

July 2020

MOT decision leaves 1 in 10 at ‘dangerous defects’ risk
The government is being accused of taking “a serious safety risk” by allowing millions of motorists to keep their cars on the road until January 2021 without a current MOT. While drivers with MOTs due from 1 August will need to get a MOT as normal, those with a MOT due date on or before 31 July will still receive a six-month exemption from testing.

June 2020

Commuters turn away from public transport
More than 60% of people will turn their backs on public transport from now on. A new survey carried out by Motorpoint found that the coronavirus pandemic has changed mindsets with 60.2% of those questioned saying they will not return to buses and trains.

May 2020

Honda’s iconic ‘cog’ advert to be recreated by TV viewers
Chain of colliding Honda Accord parts thought to be among one of the most renowned TV adverts

April 2020

Coronavirus: what does it mean for cars and motorists?
The global Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on life in the UK. Here’s everything you need to know about how it affects cars, motorists and the car industry in the UK

March 2020

Transport secretary cracks down on pavement parking
The government is consulting on the proposal in order to make accessibility better for those with mobility or sight impairments, as well as parents with prams who may struggle to get past cars parked on pavements.

Government outlines smart motorway action plan
The Government has announced a series of measures to improve the safety of Smart Motorways, following a review commissioned by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps. In October 2019, the future of Smart Motorways, which don’t have a hard shoulder and rely on cameras and signage for all-lane running, was called into question following an admission by Highways England that the dangers of removing the hard shoulder had not been fully investigated.

February 2020

Government aims for new 2035 petrol/diesel ban deadline
A ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles could come even sooner than expected, with government now saying it intends to bring the deadline forward to 2035 – or even earlier if possible. The ban will also be widened to include hybrids for the first time as well. The ban was originally announced in July 2017. The revision will be examined in a consultation.

January 2020

Top 10 worst driving habits revealed
UK drivers have revealed that ‘not indicating’ is the most annoying driving habit. In a new survey, drivers outlined the top 10 things that regularly irritate them on the road. Not indicating was voted as the worst driving habit by 55% of respondents.

December 2019

Drivers unprepared for winter weather

Drivers are not prepared for a harsh winter, prioritising umbrellas, chewing gum, and carrier bags instead of safety equipment. Research showed that a huge 62% of car owners have broken down in their lifetime. However, only one in five car owners keep a warm blanket or warm clothes handy. 

Novermber 2019

Motorists warned against buying car parts online

Vehicle owners are once again being warned about the dangers of buying car parts online in a bid to save money. Research found that headlights were one of the most common parts available on the online marketplace, with over 70,000 units. The Independent Garage Association (IGA) is among the trade bodies that have voiced support to raise awareness about the risks posed by counterfeit car parts.

Norfolk road marking blunder as workers confuse ‘A11’ with ‘ALL’

Council confirms “minor misprint” and reassures locals that corrections would be made at no extra cost to taxpayers

October 2019

Millennials still depend on cars, study shows

Millennials have shown that they still depend on the motor vehicle, despite the common misconception that they’re turning their back on private vehicle ownership, according to the Millennials and Auto Trends Report published this month.

Rise of electric cars could see motorway speed limit raised to 80mph

Issue should be revisited as earlier pollution concerns may not be as relevant, Transport Secretary says

September 2019

Half of British drivers think an MOT is a guarantee their car will be safe to drive

ALMOST half of drivers believe an MOT is a guarantee their car will be safe to drive for the next 12 months. A valid MOT certificate only confirms that a car has met the minimum standard of roadworthiness at the moment the test was completed.

MPs want ban on pavement parking

MPs on the Transport Committee have called for an outright ban on pavement parking across England and criticised the Department for Transport (DfT) for failing to take action. In 2015 the Government promised to look into the issue of pavement parking in England, but the Transport Committee says that consultations, roundtable events and internal reviews failed to lead to any actions to improve the public’s experience of pavement parking.

August 2019

Government urged to update driving laws

The government has been urged to update laws regarding driving while using a mobile phone, after a driver who filmed a collision has his conviction overturned. The law says that an offence is committed if a driver uses a handheld mobile phone for ‘interactive communication’. The law was set in 2003, before smart phones evolved to be used for much more.

MPs want fewer vehicles on UK roads

A group of MPs has called for the ban on sales of new ‘conventional’ petrol and diesel cars and vans, including hybrids, to be brought forward to 2035, at the latest. In a report launched today, the Science and Technology Committee also criticises the reductions in the ‘plug-in grant’ in October 2018, and asks why fuel duty has been frozen while bus and train fares have been allowed to rise.

July 2019

What to do if you see a pet in a hot car

Many people still believe that it’s ok to leave a dog in a car on a warm day if the windows are left open or they’re parked in the shade, but the truth is, it’s still a very dangerous situation for the dog.

Motorists advised to consult garage as common searches suggest they turn to Google

The UK’s most commonly search questions for the top 20 cars of the past decade have been revealed. “Why is my Vauxhall Corsa losing power” tops the list of motoring related questions entered into Google, new research found. Issues with power-loss also featured high in the list for owners of the Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Vauxhall Insignia.

June 2019

Trump’s £1.2 million limo causes mayhem at service station

A picture shared on Twitter clearly shows the President’s highly-customised Cadillac as it stopped to fill up its tank during his three-day state visit, accompanied by police motorbikes and Trump’s vast motorcade.

March 2019

DIY car repairs on the rise but drivers end up paying £170 to fix their mistakes, study shows

Almost 40 per cent of ‘home mechanics’ have had to take their car into a garage to correct their mistakes, costing them as much as £170 to get the work done professionally, new research suggests. The study also claims that a growing number of British motorists attempting to repair their own vehicle with 57 per cent now buying spare vehicle parts.

February 2019

Motorists still unaware of rules around vehicle warranties

Almost half of Britain’s car owners (44%) believe that getting their car serviced by an independent garage will invalidate their warranty, despite a change in the law nearly 15 years ago that prevents this from being the case. Motorists have a choice and can legally take their vehicle to be repaired or serviced at any independent garage, franchised dealer or autocentre, according to the IAAF’s Your Car – Your Choice campaign.

Police seize vehicle after owner uploads 170mph speeding video onto Facebook

A driver held on suspicion of dangerous driving and later released under investigation has had his vehicle seized after speeding at 170mph and uploading the footage to Facebook.

January 2019

Government’s Clean Air Strategy outlines plans to tackle tyre and brake emissions

Much of the government’s focus has been on the reduction of emissions from vehicle exhausts but the government’s Clean Air Strategy 2019 report claims friction during driving also generates fine particles from brakes, tyres and the road surface. Responses to the government’s recent call for evidence on tyre and brake wear are currently being analysed and will help shape policies to address the problem.

Motorist with iced windscreen almost collides head-on into police car

The driver of a car which veered onto the wrong side of the road and nearly collided head on with a police car has had his vehicle seized. Police stopped the uninsured driver and photographed the inside of the car to show how much his vision was obscured.

December 2018

Driving home for Christmas

IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman, gives eight points of advice on driving home for Christmas. Richard says ‘Careful planning and preparation can ensure your Christmas drive home is a safe and smooth one.’

UK motorists travelled record number of miles in 2017

Government figures show UK motorists travelled 327 billion miles in 2017 – 1.3 per cent more than in 2016. Of the total mileage, 254 billion were covered by passenger cars, 51 billion by vans, 17 billion by lorries, three billion by motorcycles and two billion by buses. Data from the Department for Transport (DfT) also shows the volume of greenhouse gases emitted by cars has decreased by three per cent since 1990, despite car traffic having risen 22 per cent over the same period of time.

November 2018

New tech sees the cost of replacement headlight bulbs soar

Motorists are being warned of expensive bills for replacement headlight bulbs after a study by consumer magazine What Car? found the cost of bulb replacement on some of the UK’s most popular small cars, including the VW Polo, Suzuki Swift and Honda Jazz, could be as much as £846.

Drivers unprepared for winter driving

Millions of motorists are unprepared for winter driving – with nearly half admitting they have not conducted any maintenance checks on their vehicle, according to research. One in six revealed they have previously broken down in the cold season due to not checking their vehicle and, as the weather worsens it’s clear drivers are not taking proper precautions.

October 2018

Main dealer customers aren’t getting a fair price, researchers say

Motorists that take their vehicles to franchised dealers for a diagnostic check aren’t always getting a fair price when it comes to finding out what’s wrong with their cars, experts behind research – which shows the huge variation in prices – charged have said. While diagnostic checks are often free when the car is still under warranty customers outside warranty can be charged an average of £102 across all 27 manufacturers checked.

Government to cut grants for electric and hybrid cars

From 9 November, grants for new plug-in hybrids will be scrapped, while discounts on all-electric cars will be cut from £4,500 to £3,500. A number of motoring groups have spoken out against the decision to cut subsidies for buying greener cars. The Department for Transport (DfT) said the Plug-in Car Grant was introduced seven years ago to help the market become established. The DfT has now said it is time to focus support on zero-emission models like electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars.