November 2018

New tech sees the cost of replacement headlight bulbs soar

Motorists are being warned of expensive bills for replacement headlight bulbs after a study by consumer magazine What Car? found the cost of bulb replacement on some of the UK’s most popular small cars, including the VW Polo, Suzuki Swift and Honda Jazz, could be as much as £846.


October 2018

Main dealer customers aren’t getting a fair price, researchers say

Motorists that take their vehicles to franchised dealers for a diagnostic check aren’t always getting a fair price when it comes to finding out what’s wrong with their cars, experts behind research - which shows the huge variation in prices - charged have said. While diagnostic checks are often free when the car is still under warranty customers outside warranty can be charged an average of £102 across all 27 manufacturers checked.

Government to cut grants for electric and hybrid cars

From 9 November, grants for new plug-in hybrids will be scrapped, while discounts on all-electric cars will be cut from £4,500 to £3,500. A number of motoring groups have spoken out against the decision to cut subsidies for buying greener cars. The Department for Transport (DfT) said the Plug-in Car Grant was introduced seven years ago to help the market become established. The DfT has now said it is time to focus support on zero-emission models like electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars.